Scuba Gear and Diving Equipment

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Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba Diving Gear and Accessories

Scuba gear is our business. We have been providing divers with the best diving equipment and service for over 25 years. Our customers are dive beginners, professionals, and everything in between. Our web site has been awarded the prestigious Golden and Diamond Web Awards because we take pride in the presentation of our diving products. Everything you order will come to you "Ready To Dive". That means that you will not have to assemble anything, just put it on and dive! We are authorized by our vendors to sell all of our diving products and equipment on the web, (yes there is a difference). That means your purchase is backed, not only by our professional ethics, but the manufactures original warranty as well. You will not find ANY 2nd rate scuba equipment or diving advice here. Our slogan is "Experience the Difference" because we truly are above the rest. For 25 years now we have been putting scuba divers before dollars and have the following to prove it. Organizations such as Sea World, US Army, US Navy, along with police and rescue divers from around the world trust us with their diving purchases...shouldn't you.


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Deluxe Diver's Log Book  $24.99  Whether you are a professional or just starting out, this Deluxe Diver's Log Book....>>
License Plate  $7.00  REFLECTIVE DIVE FLAG LICENSE PLATE This reflective Dive Flag License plate is a great way t....>>
Titanium Pro Point Dive Knife  $49.99  This Titanium Pro Point Dive Knife is designed to last all your scuba diving days....>>
Glide Snorkeling Fins  $24.99  A perfect choice for snorkeling, designed to be worn directly over bare feet. Th....>>
Classic Oval Rubber Mask  $18.99  The Classic Mask as seen in the movies! Pure in shape and functionality featurin....>>
Max Pro Purge Snorkel  $19.99  The Max Pro Purge Snorkel is a unique combination of valuable features at a budge....>>
SUPER SALE - Mach II Turbo Fins - Size XS  $64.40  The Mach II Turbo Fins are the latest innovation in power fin design. They combi....>>
Mask Strap Comfort Cover  $4.99  The Mask Strap Comfort Cover reduces hair tangles for a more comfortable scuba or....>>
Tropical Hearts Women's T-Shirt  $17.99  Tropical Hearts Women' Style T Shirt on Black 100% Cotton T Shirt with tropical fish and heart....>>
Underwater Laser Pointer  $29.99  This Underwater Laser Pointer is a great diving accessory and makes a great gift. Point out the coo....>>
Resort Mesh Bag  $11.99  The Resort Mesh Bag is a practical, durable and economical choice to transport and store your scuba....>>
Pro Glide Snorkeling Package  $49.99  Our Pro Glide Snorkeling Package is a perfect choice for your next snorkeling adv....>>
SALE - Nav LX Equipment Package  $98.87  Whether you are starting scuba classes or heading out on a snorkeling adventure,....>>
Clear Dry Glide Fin Package  $99.99  Our Clear Dry Glide Fin Package is an ultimate combination of features and perfor....>>
Ultimate Childs Snorkeling Adventure Package  $99.99  Just add water for the ultimate snorkeling experience. Professional grade equipm....>>
SUPER SALE - Dacor Elite BC for Women  $241.18  The Elite Buoyancy Compensator by Dacor is designed exclusively for women divers.....>>
Promate Metric / Imperial 3 Gauge Compact Console  $187.24   This unique compact 3 gauge console features both imperial increments (PSI/Feet)....>>
Save-A-Dive Spare Parts Kit  $9.99  This essential Save-A-Dive Spare Parts Kit includes one (1) regulator mouthpiece,....>>
Deluxe Med Tube First Aid Kit  $14.99   This Deluxe Med Tube First Aid Kit is a must have! Compact, waterproof storage tube keeps cont....>>
Innovative T-2 Scuba Tool Pack  $24.99  This patented, ergonomically designed, virtually indestructible "Scuba Tool Pack"....>>
50 lb. Recovery Lift Bag  $43.00   50 lb. Diverís Recovery Lift Bag. For underwater artifact recovery and salvage.....>>
100 lb. Recovery Lift Bag  $52.00   100 lb. Diverís Recovery Lift Bag. For underwater artifact recovery and salvage....>>
Log Book Refill Pages  $4.99  This 66 page logbook refill pack with dividers includes 42 log pages, 20 dive sit....>>
Clip On Dive Slate  $9.99   This 5" x 6" Dive Slate with Plastic BC Snap is great for writing messages to y....>>
Coil Quick Release Dive Slate  $20.99  This 5" x 6" slate is the ultimate "dive-cessory"! Coil expands to 36" for easy....>>
High Force Retractor  $22.99   This High Force Retractor is a must have. Stronger, for use with heavier it....>>
Replacement Tank Band  $19.99   Replacement Cylinder Cam Band with Buckle to fit most Buoyancy Compensators. I....>>
Adjustable Tank Caddy  $21.00   Easily carry your cylinder with this Adjustable Tank Caddy. Nylon webbing with....>>
See Me Surface Signaling Device  $19.63  This See Me, Inflatable Surface Signaling Device (also affectionately known as a....>>
Adult Snorkeling Vest  $34.99  Make your snorkeling experience safer and more enjoyable with a snorkeling vest.....>>
Junior Snorkeling Vest  $29.99  Make your snorkeling experience safer and more enjoyable with a snorkeling vest.....>>
Skeleton Diving Knife  $14.99  The Skeleton Diving Knife is a full size diving knife at an economical price. St....>>
Compact BC Knife - Serrated  $14.99  The Compact BC Knife with serrated edge is one of the most versatile in the indus....>>
Scuba Scissors with Nylon Pouch  $13.99  These Scuba Scissors with Nylon Pouch are ideal for cutting light metal, rope, mo....>>
Sea Pearls 2 LB Soft Weight Pouch  $4.99  Our most comfortable diving weight, ideal for weight integrated buoyancy compensa....>>
Sea Pearls 3 LB Soft Weight Pouch  $7.49  Our most comfortable diving weight, ideal for weight integrated buoyancy compensa....>>
Sea Pearls 4 LB Soft Weight Pouch  $9.99  Our most comfortable diving weight, ideal for weight integrated buoyancy compensa....>>
Sea Pearls 5 LB Soft Weight Pouch  $12.49  Our most comfortable diving weight, ideal for weight integrated buoyancy compensa....>>
EZ Adjust Comfort Mask Strap  $11.99  This EZ Adjust Comfort Mask Strap is a superior mask accessory designed specifica....>>
X-Large Padded Console Cover  $9.99  Protect your dive computer or analog gauge console during transport ad storage wi....>>
Silicone Pump 8 FL. OZ.  $5.99  Silicone in a non-aerosol pump. Lubricates and protects rubber products, ideal fo....>>
UV Tech  $7.99  UV TechTM surface protectant contains UV blockers and p....>>
Silicone Grease 1/4 oz.  $3.99  Specially formulated to resist corrosion and permeate rubber surfaces providing d....>>
Zip Tech Zipper Lubricant  $7.99  Zip TechTM is formulated to protect and lubricate all t....>>
Zip Care Cleaner  $5.99  Specially formulated to clean and lubricate plastic, nylon or metal zippers. Pat....>>
Sea Gold Mask Anti-fog  $4.99  SEA GOLDTM is a thick anti-fog and lens cleaner designe....>>
Sea Buff Mask & Slate Cleaner  $4.99  SEA BUFFTM is a paste form pre-cleaner for use with new....>>
McNett Wet Suit & Dry Suit Shampoo  $5.99  A complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all your neoprene and....>>
BC Life - 8 FL. OZ.  $5.99  BC Life TM is a complete, scientifically balanced maint....>>
MiraZyme - 8 FL OZ  $7.99  MiraZymeTM Odor Eliminator is a powerful blend of natur....>>
IDI X-1 Ultra Compact Pressure Gauge  $89.99  The next generation in analog instrumentation has arrived! The X-1 Ultra Compact....>>
IDI Wrist Mount Compass  $57.00  IDI Wrist Mount Compass. Fully submersible compass, includes side-view window w....>>
Snorkel Replacement Mouthpiece  $4.99  Our Snorkel Replacement Mouthpiece fits a wide variety of snorkels including our....>>
Regulator Replacement Mouthpiece  $5.00  Silicone replacement mouthpiece for standard size second stages. Keep an extra m....>>
SeaCURE Custom Regulator Mouthpiece  $29.99  The SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece molds to fit your mouth, teeth, gums and jaws! It i....>>
SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece for Snorkels  $29.00  The SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece molds to fit your mouth, teeth, gums and jaws! It i....>>
Gripper Jr Retractor  $19.99  The Gripper Jr Retractor is a superior dive accessory. This retractor performs as....>>
Super Wrist Slate  $13.99  Our Super Wrist Slate is a practical and convenient way to communicate underwater....>>
Mask Box  $4.99  Protect your mask by transporting and storing it in our Mask Box. Plastic case....>>
Clearview 2 Optical Diving Mask  $129.99  The Clearview 2 Optical Diving Mask is designed to accommodate pre-ground Optical....>>
Max Valuevision Prescription Mask Package  $59.99  Don't miss out on the underwater scenery because you wear glasses! Our Max Valuev....>>
IDI Frog Foot Fins  $71.12  The Frog Foot Fins by IDI, now distributed by XS Scuba, are the original non vent....>>
IDI Power Fin  $63.48  The original Power Fin by IDI, now distributed by XS Scuba. Excellent comfort and....>>
Tusa Liberator X-TEN Fins  $39.99  The Liberator X-TEN Fins by Tusa features a non-vented hydrodynamic design. This....>>
Zip Pocket Weight Belt  $19.99  This Zip Pocket Weight Belt is a great addition to your scuba diving equipment....>>
Neoprene Pocket Weight Belt  $24.99  Gearing up is easy with this Neoprene Pocket Weight Belt. Velcro® closure ho....>>
Plastic Belt Slides  $1.79  Plastic Belt Slides to prevent weights from sliding on standard weight belts and....>>
Weight Belt & Buckle  $6.99  Standard weight belt with plastic buckle. Heavy Duty 2" Nylon Webbing - 52" leng....>>
Stainless Steel Buckle  $8.99  Stainless Steel Buckle for use with standard weight belts and webbing. All metal....>>
Plastic Buckle  $2.99  Plastic Buckle for use with standard weight belts and webbing. Solid Black.
Safe Second Holder  $5.99  This multi-purpose Safe Second Holder is a must have accessory. Designed to secu....>>
Deluxe Safe Second Holder  $7.99  This multi-purpose Deluxe Safe Second Holder is a must have accessory. Designed....>>
Vinyl Hose Protector  $1.99  Vinyl Hose Protector to extend the life of your hoses. Reduces stress at the con....>>
Deluxe Lobster Inn  $34.99  This Deluxe Lobster Inn takes the struggle out of getting your catch into the bag....>>
Classic Oval Silicone Mask  $24.99  The Classic Mask in longer lasting silicone, as seen in the movies! Pure in shap....>>
Henderson Lycra Dive Skin  $44.30  This Dive Skin by Henderson is a great addition to your environmental protection....>>
Titanium Deluxe BC Knife  $39.99  The Titanium Deluxe BC Knife is the ultimate addition to your equipment system.....>>

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